Oral history recordings of courtship memories

Remembering dances, dates, romances and weddings

By John Cheves

In the summer of 2007, WRVS Heritage Plus ran a series of workshops around the theme of courtship with a group in Eastbourne. The group met once a week to talk about their childhood and teenage years and memories of going out and dating. They also talked about how they met their husbands and wives and remembered their wedding days and early married lives.

The members of the group were George and Pearl, Allan and Betty, Marjorie, Sylvia, Evelyn, Barbara, Pat and Meg and the workshops were run by Jane Turner. The recordings here all come from those sessions.

Marjorie remembers her brother cramping her style at the local dance.

George talks about the local village hall dance in Scotland.

Sylvia remembers Sunday dances at the local cinema.

Sylvia recalls her father's strict discipline.

Barbara talks about first meeting her husband.

Pearl talks about first meeting her husband George on a blind date.

Evelyn remembers courting her husband and her wedding day.

George and Pearl recall why they had to have two wedding ceremonies.

Pat remembers her wedding day and her honeymoon.

Meg's memories of her wedding day.

Sylvia talks about her wedding day.

Sylvia remembers her wedding reception.

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Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus archive

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