Style Guide

A list of agreed rules for editors

  1. All captions and sub-headings should start with a capital letter.
  2. Titles and subtitles should start with capital letters. Please use lower case for further wording in the title and subtitle, except for names, which should always start with a capital letter.
  3. Thumbnails should be 100px X 100px
  4. Give a 'scene setter' to each article and include, if possible, where and when the recording was made.
  5. When placing images within the text please use *** before and after the 'token name' e.g. ***pic1***
  6. When adding photos please add the words Photo from WRVS Heritage Plus Archive in the 'credit for this photo' box.
  7. 1940s not 1940's.
  8. Please write all numbers from one to ten - all others in numerals.
This page was added by Susan Morrison on 20/05/2008.

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