Courtship Postcards

These beautiful postcards are the result of reminiscence activities at WRVS Portslade in collaboration with Brighton museum and their 'On the Pull' exhibition.

The sessions were run by Nalu Binaisa a freelancer with Brighton museum and Nicola Benge, a reminiscence facilitator. The art work was compiled by Brighton based photographer Jen Sanders.

The participants who took part were happy to tell stories about youthful shenanigans and lost loves... although we aren't allowed to repeat them all!

Page link: 58 years!
58 years!
Wally and Nancy, hand in hand
Page link: Nancy's valentine card
Nancy's valentine card
A valentine card from Wally to Nancy
Page link: Rod Patterson's first date
Rod Patterson's first date
Oh it's hard being in love when you're 12 and a half!
Page link: Sathi speaks of marriage
Sathi speaks of marriage
Romance Sri Lankan style
Page link: Tom King's postcard
Tom King's postcard
Adventures in dating
Page link: Vera Morrison's courtship postcard
Vera Morrison's courtship postcard
There were so many...!