As The Crow Flies

Published work from ten of our Crawley participants from our first Heritage Plus activity sessions in the area.

Page link: As The Crow Flies
As The Crow Flies
An Introduction by Nicola Benge
Page link: Arthur Welch
Arthur Welch
From Blitz-hit London to post-war Crawley
Page link: Dolly Broadbridge
Dolly Broadbridge
Youngest of ten
Page link: Joe Prince
Joe Prince
A Thames-side Childhood
Page link: Margaret Flanagan
Margaret Flanagan
An Evacuee's Story
Page link: Les Flanagan
Les Flanagan
The Cobbler's Tale
Page link: Ken Ridley
Ken Ridley
Post-war Germany seen at first hand
Page link: Rosina Ridley
Rosina Ridley
Dog Bites and Dancing
Page link: Rick Leigh
Rick Leigh
Memories of 'old' Crawley
Page link: Rex Robinson
Rex Robinson
The Marbles Season
Page link: Joyce Ludbrook
Joyce Ludbrook
Over the Rainbow