Oral History

Along with its activity delivery Heritage Plus also has a target of recording 200 oral history interviews by the end of the project in 2010 for deposit at East and West Sussex Records Offices, the WRVS Archive and for those of national interest, the British Library Sound Archive.

Over 28 WRVS Volunteers across the project have received training in interview techniques, recording equipment and the best practice of oral history in order to record older people's memories of the Second World War, education, courtship, local heritage sites, disability, childhood and family.

Project Coordinators and trained volunteers work in partnership with each local museum and are directed in the subject matter of interviews, to enhance local collections

In partnership with the University of Sussex a number of MA Life History students have undertaken their 30hr placements recording interviews with long standing WRVS volunteers and WWII Veterans.

Please click on the different catagories below to hear some extracts from the recordings that have already been made.

Page link: Crawley Veterans talk about their memories
Crawley Veterans talk about their memories
Remembering the Second World War and service life
Page link: Oral history recordings of courtship memories
Oral history recordings of courtship memories
Remembering dances, dates, romances and weddings
Category link: Life Stories
Life Stories
Oral history recordings of life experiences
Category link: Home and Abroad
Home and Abroad
Experiences of black and ethnic minority communities in Sussex