Life Stories

Page link: Barbara Durrant
Barbara Durrant
Moving around the country
Page link: Barbara Joan Curtin - Lumberjill
Barbara Joan Curtin - Lumberjill
Wartime service in the Timber Corps followed by an active family life
Page link: Daphne Walton
Daphne Walton
Mixing with German boys and secret war work
Page link: Dolly Broadbridge
Dolly Broadbridge
The last of ten children
Page link: Dolly Galbally
Dolly Galbally
Getting her man!
Page link: Farah's Later Life
Farah's Later Life
Life In Tehran Documented By Personal Photographs
Page link: George and Pearl
George and Pearl
Reminiscence session - sound recordings made in summer 2007
Page link: Margaret Wooler
Margaret Wooler
Talking behind the desk lid
Page link: Rita's History
Rita's History
Early years
Page link: Sathi's Story
Sathi's Story
Freedom from an arranged marriage
Page link: Tom King's Reminiscences
Tom King's Reminiscences
Shrimping in the canal
Page link: Veejay's Story
Veejay's Story
From Mauritius to Virginia Water